Hi…It’s nice to meet you!

Welcome to SAC-UTama’s home away from home.

Perhaps some of you are wondering why SAC-UTama needs a blog. Well, as you know, SAC-UTama has grown over the past year from a supporting unit to an institution that runs EPT-UTama. We feel that the Centre needs a hub of information and another means to expand its main philosophy: help the clients help themselves in improving their English skills. So, rather than lingering amongst straight-to-the-point information, the blog provides ample opportunities for the clients to express themselves in English while learning the language in doing so.

Another point that leans towards the establishment of the blog is the fact that the SAC Bulletin is experiencing a major change at the moment and it is impossible at the moment to bring about the latest edition. We are working hard to come up with an even more original and fresh concept, so be sure to keep an eye on that.

Here’s something new: we are calling for contributors who wish to have their original essays posted here. Thus reason No. 3. Instead of endulging in our own thoughts, we have learned that our creative creatures are best stimulated from other people: too be busy with oneself’s thought is to let the world pass you by. So, if you have something to say (in English, of course), send us your essay to sac@widyatama.ac.id. We’d love to hear from you.

That’s it. Now that we know where the blog is going, it’s time to tighten up our lips and start pounding away on your keyboard. Happy blogging!